Dario Brevi – I bambini costruiscono ponti

Dario Brevi - I bambini costruiscono ponti

I bambini costruiscono ponti – 2018

acrylic on MDF

cm 73×59

Dario Brevi was born in 1955 in Limbiate; he lives and works in Milano. Graduated in Brera in 1973, he also graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic. The debut is in Milano at Luciano Inga-Pin’s Diagramma gallery with a solo show, followed by exhibitions at the Basel fair, in Tokyo and Barcelona. At the end of the 80s he joined the ‘Nuovo Futurismo’, a movement theorized by the Bolognese critic Renato Barilli.

The favourite material for Dario Brevi’s art, is the medium density fibreboard contaminated with commonly used objects in a playful and colourful way, as in the pop and futurist tradition.

He creates three-dimensional works played with irony between painting and sculpture and whose dynamism is in continuous balance between contemplation and vital force. In 1991 he was one of the international artists selected for the ‘Anninovanta’ exhibition at the GAM in Bologna. In 2012 a monograph was published by Renato Barilli for Silvana Edizioni. Among the most recent exhibitions we mention ‘Il Nuovo Futurismo’, Bandera Foundation, Busto Arsizio; ‘Flash 80’, MAGA Museo Arte Contemporanea, Gallarate (2010); ‘Colorati sogni’, Palazzo Penotti Ubertini, Orta S. Giulio; ‘I Nuovi Futuristi’, MART Casa Depero, Rovereto (2011); ‘Nuovo Futurismo – Ridisegnare la città’, Spazio Oberdan, Milano (2012); ‘Jean Cocteau et les mots’, Fermi Maison du livre et du tourisme, Bécherel (2013); ‘Bierkunst von Dario Brevi bei Unser Bier’, Bräuerei Unser Bier, Basel (2015); ‘Dario Brevi – Tra le righe delle foglie son scritte le storie’, Galleria Centro Steccata, Parma (2017); ‘Dario Brevi…altri racconti’, Galleria Colossi, Brescia (2018); ‘cArte a pArte’, Showcases Gallery, Varese (2019). Among the public spaces that hosted his works: Fundaciò Joan Mirò, Barcelona: ​​Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Trento; Olympia, London; Palais des Expositions, Nice; Ginza Dai-Ichi, Tokyo; Sharjah Arts Museum, United Arab Emirates; Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki; Joods Historish Museum, Amsterdam; Museo della Permanente, Palazzo delle Stelline and Palazzo Reale, Milano.