Shinya Sakurai – Atomic Heart n.12

Shinya Sakurai - Atomic Heart n.12 - 2013

Atomic Heart n.12 – 2013

mixed technique on canvas

cm 70×50

Shinya Sakurai was born in Hiroshima in 1981. He lives and works in Turin. Graduated in Fine Arts in Osaka, this japanese artist is appreciated by the masters of the ‘Gutai’ group who consider his talent a bright light of the contemporary. His curriculum is studded with many international exhibitions. Besides countless group shows, Shinya has significant attendances at international fairs such as the ‘ArteFiera’, Bologna; ‘Arco’, Madrid; Art HK, Art Toronto, Art Fair Tokyo, Art Osaka. Among the latest personal exhibitions, he started a project in 2004 with the Shibuya Museum in Hiroshima; in 2008 he held a solo exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and in 2010 ‘One’ at the Artmark Gallery in Vienna; in 2011 he exhibits at the ‘Fly the Flag’, White Gallery in Milano. In 2012 he participates at two personal shows from ‘Albanese Arte’ in Matera and ‘Shinya Sakuray 2007-2012’ at Palazzo Mistrot, Torino. 2013 is the year of ‘United Colors’ at the Base Gallery in Tokyo, of ‘Love Pool’ at the Yamaki Gallery in Kobe and at the Maeda Hiromi Art Gallery in Kyoto. In 2014 he took part at ‘Atomic Heart’, Galleria Maria Cilena, Milano. In 2015 he participates at ‘The cherry trees bloom’, Eidos Contemporary Images, Asti and at ‘My Favorite Colors’, HEIS Gallery, Fukuoka starting a five-year program around the world. In 2016 he exposed in Japan at the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka and at the Paris Gallery in Yokohama; in 2017 at the Maeda Hiromi Art Gallery in Kyoto, at the Municipal Gallery of Nagoya and in Germany at the Galerie Lattemann in Darmstadt.

In 2018 he exhibits at the Contemporary HEIS Art in Tokyo and in 2019 he is the protagonist of the personal ‘Delicious Colors’ at the Gallery Il Castello in Milano. The easiness Sakurai is able to combine Japanese pictorial tradition with the use of hand-dyed fabrics and the ritual slowness of execution is striking; a unique sign of contemporary language in the serial repetition of his favourite themes.