Marcello De Angelis – Senza titolo

Marcello De Angelis – Senza titolo

Senza titolo – 2015

injection painting on canvas

cm 25×30

Marcello De Angelis was born in 1977 in Villafranca di Verona, where he lives and works. Graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan, since 2001 he has experimented with a personal painting technique through the use of a syringe (injection painting). In 2002 he exhibites at the 86th collective ‘Bevilacqua – La Masa’ in Venezia and is invited to Milano at ‘Dieci artisti da riconoscere’ in which he exhibites together with Ben Ormenese, Beppe Bonetti and Franco Costalonga. In 2004 he participates in ‘Burned Children of America’ at the Fondazione Villa Benzi, Caerano San Marco and is selected for the 4th National Painting and Sculpture Prize City of Novara.

In 2005 he takes part in the ‘Köln’s XX World Youth Day’, a traveling exhibition between Roma, Firenze, Venezia, Genova, Bari, Palermo, Vittoria, Napoli and wins the First Prize at the ‘V Competition for small format works’ in Jesolo, Venezia. He also participates at group shows ‘Without make-up’ at the Box Art gallery in Verona and at ‘Incontro Scontro’ at the PaciArte gallery in Brescia. In 2006 the ‘Suspension’ work is selected by the ‘Arte’ magazine for the ‘Arte 2006 award’; in the same year he takes part in a solo exhibition at the Galleria La Torre in Milano.

In 2007 he takes part in the group shows ‘OUT!’. ‘Emozioni in movimento’ at the Cloisters of Santa Caterina in Finalborgo and at SBAV – 150th anniversary at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona; in November the art work ‘Generazione’ is exhibited at the Am Roten Hof Gallery in Vienna. In 2008 the work ‘Adorazione’ is chosen for the competition ‘Profile of art 2008’ at the Museo della Permanente in Milano. In 2011 he exhibits at ‘Su Nero Nero over Black Black’ at the Castello di Rivara (TO). Among the latest solo shows we mention in 2014 ‘Il corpo del segno’, PoliArt Contemporary, Rovereto; in 2015 ‘Spiritual Grounds’, IAGA Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania and ‘Dynamic Spaces-Spaces of Light’, Studio G.R., Sacile (PN), curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Alberto Pasini. In the same year he participates at the collective curated by Giovanni Granzotto ‘The sharper perception – Dynamic Art, Optical and beyond’, G.R. Gallery, New York. In 2018 he exhibites in two personal shows: ‘I progetti della natura’ at the National Archaeological Museum of Mantova and ‘White Spacescape’, designed and built by the artist in almost two years of work for the spaces of the Milanese headquarters of PoliArt Contemporary.