Feofeo – Transeunte

Feofeo – Transeunte - 2019

Transeunte – 2019

mixed media on canvas – fire stamping – led

cm 74×90

Feofeo was born in Alessandria in 1969. She completed her studies in Pharmacy. Alchemical attitude always inspired her works. Feofeo investigates constantly about colour and its frequencies on a visual, physical and symbolic level. The study of quantum physics, Goethe’s color theory and Steinerian spiritualism pushes her towards archetypal primordial representations, initially built only with painting, then with the use of signs and symbols. Cycle after cycle, the artist creates a highly personal anthroposophically structured grammar that invites the viewer to enter a higher vital energy and let emotions flow in a continuous exchange between identity and otherness, between individual and dual, between micro and macro-cosmos. Feofeo is always conscious of the meditative function of art in achieving well-being in a wide sense. Since 2011 there have been continuous personal exhibitions and reviews in museums, galleries and historic buildings in Italy and abroad in the cities of Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bratislava, Buenos Aires, London, Los Angeles, Lugano, Montecarlo, Obernberg, Oslo, St.Petersburg, Stockholm and Tallinn.

Among the latest solo shows are ‘Guha’, Casa dei Carraresi Museum, Treviso (2019); ‘Io sono Colore’, Museo Diocesano di San Giovanni, Asti, with the presentation of a monography edited by Giovanni Faccenda and published by Giorgio Mondadori; ‘Percorsi d’arte’, Villa Principe Leopoldo, Lugano (2017); ‘Energia’, Honorable Chamber of Senators of Buenos Aires (2015); ‘Parla l’Amore’, Villa Cambiaso, Savona, edited by Paolo Levi; ‘Le voci dentro’, Museo Civico Mastroianni, Marino-Roma (2013). Among the latest collective shows we mention ‘Pace e amore’, La Grande Moschea di Roma; ‘Non c’è Bellezza senza Mistero’, Palazzo Graneri della Roccia, Torino and Castello Francavilla Fontana, Brindisi; BIAS, International Biennial of Sacred Arts, Palermo; ‘Ogni donna è musa’, Fondazione Primoli, Roma (2018); ‘Art for excellence’, Museo del Risorgimento, Palazzo Carignano, Torino; ‘Vissi d’arte, Vissi d’Amore’, Gran Teatro Giacomo Puccini, Torre del Lago; ‘The Great Beauty’, Obernberg Castle, Inn, Austria (2017); ‘Eternità’, Basilica dei Santi Quattro Coronati, Roma; ‘Era perduto ed è stato ritrovatoà, Museo del Tesoro, Vigevano (2016). In 2017 important banking groups (Banca di Asti, BNL BNP Paribas Italia Group, FinecoBank) start acquisitions. Feofeo lives and works in Asti.