Telo (Gualtiero Tarenzi) – Pagine

Telo (Gualtiero Tarenzi) - Pagine 2019

Pagine – 2019

mixed media on canvas

cm 57×52

Telo (Gualtiero Tarenzi) was born in Milano in 1945. In his more than thirty-year long career, he has been affected by the formation of the Turin artistic environment, alternating the informal investigation of the material and gesture with a more mature reflection on the sign. The romantic impetuosity of the first production was gradually tempered by outcrops of a conceptual matrix, with which he manages, always keeping in the abstract, to touch on current issues. This is the case in the series of ‘Codici a barre’ or ‘Anoressici’ or yet in some art works that he created starting from 2004. With timid hints of strain, Telo introduces the theme of the simultaneous use in communication of different languages: mathematical, sign-tribal and obviously pictorial. Among his latest exhibitions we mention the presences at the Museum of Cesare Pavese’s birthplace, Santo Stefano Belbo-Cuneo (1998); at the Circolo degli Ufficiali Club Torino, edited by Angelo Mistrangelo (2000); the exhibition ‘Telo-Arcaici’, in 2006 at Evvivanoè Gallery, with the preview of director Rocco Riccio’s video dedicated to the figure and the work of the artist on the occasion of ‘Piemonte Movie’, patronage of the Department of Culture of Cherasco; ‘La forze dell’informale’, Torino Art Gallery, Torino (2007); ‘Corpi futuro, sedi varie’ traveling exhibition, Regione Piemonte; ‘Telo’, Galleria d’arte del Cavallo, Savona (2010); ‘Tore/Telo – InformalMENTE’, Palazzo Robellini, Acqui Terme, (2012); Salon de Refusés, Bra-Cuneo (2013); ‘Il mio Paradiso’, Macro, Roma (2014); ‘Natural and Contemporary Landscape’, C.S.A. Farm Gallery, Torino (2015); ‘JESUS 3.0’, Adrenalina Prize, Museo Civico di Marino U.Mastroianni (2015); ‘Wunderkammern uno’, Centro Arte Cultura Cittadella, Padova (2016).

‘Io tra i germi del classico – La creatività artistica nella e con la comunicazione postale’ a traveling exhibition curated by Lidia Pizzo and promoted by Presidio Aretè, Centrum Latinitatis Europae di Siracusa – Siracusa, S. Angelo dei Lombardi (2016); Museo Comunale di Praia a Mare; Linz-Austria (2017). And also we mention the exhibitions: ‘Eros & Thanatos’, Palazzo Velli, Roma and ‘Paesaggio, da Giovanni Fattori ai giorni nostri’ edited by Cinzia Tesio, Castello di Roddi-Cuneo (2017).

Gualtiero Tarenzi lives and works in Orbassano (Torino).