Reale Franco Frangi – Apertura

Reale F. Frangi - Apertura 2017

Apertura – 2017

acrylic on board

cm 55×35

Reale Franco Frangi was born in Milan in 1933. He made his debut as a painter in 1952 at Palazzo Reale in Milano participating at the National Exhibition of Independent Artists. From 1950 to 1967 he went through different pictorial experiences, but it was the evolution in an abstract-geometric sense that aroused the interest of Mario Radice who presented him in a personal exhibition in Como in 1964 and later in Cantù, in 1969. In 1966 he attends the Royal Palace for the Exhibition of Contemporary Art and is invited to the Woodstock Gallery in London. In this lapse of time he investigates about the possibilities offered by plastics and the space / environment relationship and creates, in 1969, the habitable cell presented at Luciano Inga-Pin’s Diagramma Gallery in Milano and at the municipal area of ​​Gallarate. In 1971 he exhibits at the Schobinger- Štrba Gallery in Richterswil (Zurich) and in 1974 he collaborates with Arte Struktura in Milano with a personal exhibition. In 1976 he takes part in the ‘International Maps Exhibition’ presented by Eugen Gomringer and the Fumagalli Gallery in Bergamo that dedicated a personal exhibition to his works of art. In 1982 Reale Franco Frangi exhibits with Gianni Colombo, Dadamaino, Marco Gastini, Lorenzo Piemonti and Emilio Tadini and the friends of Calderara at the Chiostro di Voltorre, Gavirate-Varese. In 1989 he is invited to the Depero Museum in Rovereto for ‘51 ideatori inoggettivi della visualità strutturata’. In 1990 he is co-founder of the ‘Madi Italia’ Movement. In the same year, he participates at the personal exhibition ‘l’Archetipo del doppio’ organized from Arte Struktura and at the homonymous conference by Riccardo Barletta at the Permanente in Milano. In 1992 we mention his first personal exhibition at Eidos, which represents him in the main art fairs: ArtParis, Bologna Artefiera, ArtVerona, Miart. In 2004, always at Eidos, he exposes in duo with Horacio Garcia Rossi. In 1993 he is presented by Alberto Veca for the exhibition ‘Sulla riduzione da Verifica 8+1’, Mestre and in 1995 Flaminio Gualdoni wants his presence in ‘Percorsi dell’Astrattismo’ at the Permanente in Milano. In 2006 he exhibits at the ‘Salon Comparaison’ in Paris. In 2007 he attends the Parisian personal exhibition at the Orion Gallery and in 2008, the one at the Galeria Madi in Györ, Hungary.

2011 is the year of the Biennale di Venezia and the personal ‘Aperture’ at the Galleria Marelia in Bergamo as well as the collaborations with the Valmore Gallery of Vicenza. In 2014 he is one of the protagonists of ‘I have a dream’, a collective promoted by the Kennedy Foundation at Palazzo Reale, Milano. The anthology ‘L’oltre’ at Eidos is from 2017; in 2018 he exhibits as solo at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art in Dallas.

In 2019 he participates at the collective exhibitions ‘Universo Madì’ at Galeria Odalys, Madrid and at the ‘Super Madi’ at the Saxon Art Gallery, Budapest. His works of art are shown in the museums of all around the world (Geometric and MADI Museum, Dallas; Museo di Sobral, Fortaleza; MACLA, La Plata, Argentina; Polk Museum of Art, Miami; Mobile Madi Museum, Budapest; Satoru Sato Art Museum, Tome, Giappone; MAGA, Gallarate; MAGI, Pieve di Cento, Bologna).

Reale Franco lives and works in Milano.