Teso – Shuttle

Teso - Shuttle

Shuttle – 2016

mineral putty – volcanic pigments – oil colors – spray on cotton

cm 70×73

Teso was born in 1982 in Cava De’ Tirreni. With a solid academic background (degree in Fine Arts, Naples, 2005)

In his work he manages to combine the soul of the figurative pictorial tradition with pop roots. A distinctly conceptual research mixing the free spirit of Street and Writing art. All this is reworked in a very personal way, characterized by a particular ability in the transformation of the figure and the enlargement of the detail. The artistic maturity allowing these two contradictory souls to coexist, makes him a truly interesting visual communicator.

Teso’s exhibition activity began in 2002. Among the numerous collective and personal exhibitions we mention: ‘Biennale di Napoli’, Castel Sant’Elmo (2003); ‘Circumwriting’, Napoli, with the presentation by Achille Bonito Oliva (2004); ‘Graffiti Evolution’, Capo Verde (2006);

‘Dirty Clean’, Largo Baracche, Napoli (2007); ‘Ombre’, Centro Medilam, Salerno (2008); ‘We Wanna Fuck the Star System’, Largo Baracche, Napoli (2009); ‘Eruption’, White Box, New York, with the presentation of the catalogue at the Museo Madre, Napoli; ‘Transavariata, 1’, Opera Gallery, Napoli (2010); ‘Divina commedia’, PAN, Napoli (2011); ‘Street Love Therapy – moda arte design in the world’; ‘Elio Fiorucci / Gola&Teso’, Sole 24Ore, Milano; ‘PoPNewPoP’, Macro Testaccio, Roma; ‘Le giornate plastiche dell’arte del Mediterraneo’, Nabeul, Tunisi (2013); ‘I have a dream’, Palazzo Reale, Milano; ‘Please Kill the Mainstream’, Galerija Zecevic, Belgrado; ‘Time’, Bosi Contemporary, New York (2014); ‘Magna Contemporanea’, Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore, Napoli (2015); ‘Back to the style’, Napoli (2016); ‘37.2 Le Matin’, Per Capita Arte Contemporanea, Carpi-Modena (2017); ‘Writers’, Arena Studio d’Arte, Verona (2018).

Fully integrated into the artistic and cultural environment, in 2008 he was invited as an artist and speaker to the Ruhr-Universität of Bochum in Germany and in 2010 he was one of the actors in Hermann Nitsch’s performance at the Fondazione Morra – Museo Nitsch, Napoli.

Among the latest public commissions with the patronage of the Municipality of Napoli, we mention the tribute to Enrico Caruso, the tribute to Salvo D’Acquisto and the creation of murals for MetroNapoli, Napoli Nord stops.

Teso participates in all the most important street art events in Italy and abroad. Since 2016 he has continuously created installations and works for the Radio Kiss Kiss Camp Academy as a resident artist. Teso works with several artists in the Capras crew and in the NSIS crew. He lives and works in Napoli.