The Economy of Francesco

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During the months of June and July 2019 the AMMP association organized a painting and sculpture exhibition called TRANSITI for charity purposes. Raffaella Caruso is the curator. The talented artists who have been asked to participate, are all recognized on a national and international level. All of them donated their artworks to AMMP; the association itself will then donate these artworks to the supporters accepting contributions starting from a minimum of €1.200 (value in updating).

Today, after this very positive experience, we have decided to improve and nourish the strong entanglement between art and generosity.

From November 19 to November 21, 2020 on the inspiration of Pope Francis, in Assisi an international conference will take place. "The Economy of Francesco" will host young under 35 economists, entrepreneurs and change makers, who will encounter and debate in order to set new economic paradigms.

The AMMP Association, as before, will take care of making works of art available to benefactor's liberal contributions. These donations will support the scholarships for the participation of young people coming from developing countries or experiencing particularly difficult situations. The supporters will finally be honored with the work of art they have put an option for.

The Economy of Francesco
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The look of 31 artists tells the story of the journey towards new lands

The TRANSITI exhibition

There are many kind of exhibitions, many of which arising from particular aims and wishes.
Left to chance, many others take shape following unexpected ways, thus incredibly in line with the aim of the curator.
In this very case, the exhibition has been enriched with contents that are deeply congruent to everybody's wishes and expectations

In this process we have experienced the abilities of a team combining curator's organizing skills with the sensibility of the artist. As a matter of fact, painter Antonio Ciarallo has promoted the initiative within the Madre Maria della Provvidenza ONLUS Association, stressing the importance of a social responsibility oriented approach in artist's profession. This contribution covering both rules (curator and artist) to a collective exhibition where no main characters are on stage, has been a very interesting experiment.

Art speaks an universal language, expressing not only feelings of joy and beauty but also struggling with pain and tribulation. It affects the heart inducing reasoning, causing doubts and, why not, sometimes offering solutions. Thanks to this approach, the exhibition has been driven on paths leading to wide ranges of sensitivity and exploring the widest plurality of techniques, languages as well as ethnic, political, gender and generational belongings.


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Associazione Maria Madre della Provvidenza – ONLUS

L’Associazione Maria Madre della Provvidenza – ONLUS

Since 2008 AMMP is a member of the Istituto Italiano della Donazione (IID, Italian Institute for Donation) in Milan. In Italy we give support to families and elderly people who face economic difficulties, providing basic food packages, paying rents and all houshold bills.

In developing countries we started also distance adoption programs.

In Torino we are helping more than 3000 families and elderly people struggling because of the tough economic situation. This is our commitment and the strong value of the Artist’s participation. Their works of art are inspiration for freedom and hope.

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