JUAN EUGENIO OCHOA – Icona-analitica

Juan Eugenio Ochoa Iconica-analitica


oil on canvas, diptych

cm 60×100

Juan Eugenio Ochoa was born in 1983 in Medellin, Colombia. After his graduation in Medicine, on July 2013 he obtained a doctorate in Cardiology at the University Milano-Bicocca.

During the same period of time he gets his Diploma for the two-year special course in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with the thesis: ‘Characters of Italian Analytical Painting and relations with European Painting’. His research has since been based on new ways of analytical painting, appearing in several national and international awards such as: 2015 Art Award (Painting section, Academy Award); XI National Award of Arts Claudio Abbado Prize, Roma (2015); Lynx Prize, Trieste (2015); XIV Ghiggini Art Prize, Varese (2015). The YICCA Prize, Lugano, Switzerland, (2014); IV National Opera Award, Ravenna (2014); National Prize for ‘Maimeri Painting’ at the Maimeri Foundation and Academy of Fine Art Magazine, Milano (2012). As a finalist he appeared in the following awards: ‘Eyes for contemporary art’, Ferrara (2014); International Prize for Contemporary Art Mantegna ‘Cercasi’, Mantova (2014); ‘Bice Bugatti Segantini’ Award, Nova Milanese (2014); X National Arts Award, Bari (2013); Barclays Art for Young Talents Award, Barklays Bank PLC, Milano (2013). And some among the latest personal exhibitions: ‘Vanishing’ Biffi Arte, Piacenza (2018); ‘Dissolvenze’, edited by Matteo Galbiati, Sugar Museum, Nizza Monferrato; ‘Where’, Atipografia, Arzignano-Vicenza; ‘Diptych’, Zanini Arte, San Benedetto Po, Mantova (2017); ‘Bruma’, PAC Art Gallery, Novi di Modena; ‘Optical Illusions’, White Noise Gallery, Roma; ‘Claroscuro’, Isabelle Lesmeister Gallery, Regensburg, Germany (2016); ‘Iconic-Analytical’, edited by Claudio Cerritelli, Galleria Ghiggini, Varese; ‘Lyric-Analytical’, edited by Erica Capozza, Hall of the Clones, Caravaggio; ‘Analytical Lyric’, edited by Claudio Cerritelli, Spazio 110, Vicenza (2015); ‘Lyric-Analytical’, KOINÈ fair, curated by Andrea del Guercio, Vicenza (2013). In 2015 Juan Eugenio Ochoa participates at the 56th Biennale di Venezia in the collateral event ‘Italia Docet, Laboratorium’, Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto. In the same year he participates at the VI Biennale Giovani Monza, at Palazzo dell’Arengario, Monza and at the VI Biennale di Genova. Juan Eugenio lives and works in Milan.